About us

About Rosenut Solicitors

Rosenut Solicitors offers a variety of legal services

Rosenut Solicitors is a full service law firm with the know-how to handle your legal needs, with particular focus on Real Estate, Oil and Gas Law, Dispute Resolution, Maritime and Aviation Law, Corporate Commercial Law, Entertainment Law, Banking and Finance, Family Law, Agricultural law and Intellectual Property. Rosenut Solicitors offers a variety of legal services to local and international individuals and corporations.

At Rosenut Solicitors, we render full-service international practice and provide timely solution-driven on demand services, recognizing the need for perfection in all we do. The fulcrum of our Firm's strategy is the assiduous protection of the interest of our Clients, making use of sound judgment and innovative tools for reducing, mitigating, and where possible, eliminating the risks involved in the various aspects of their businesses in order to achieve desired goals.

The Firm has a commercial mind that fuels its continuous improvement in its people, systems, processes and strategy. We employ a streamlined management system, which optimizes our business processes and ensures that those we serve experience maximum benefit.

Mission & Vision

To help our clients exceed their goals through efficient, economic, intelligent counsel, and a wealth of relevant experience; while focusing on helping them do what they love doing. We do what we do so that you are secure and free to do what you love doing, even as our greatest pleasure is to be of service to you.

Our vision is to be a renowned legal home that utilizes the law and our justice system to create an environment in which individuals, indigenous and multinational corporate institutions thrive.